Woman trapped by glass ceiling

Many women say that the glass ceiling holds them back significantly in their profession. This ceiling is composed of many different elements, from entrenched negative beliefs about women’s abilities to continuing discomfort in some quarters at women appearing in roles formerly filled by men. There is unquestionably serious occupational discrimination against women in Australia. The […]

Rules can be helpful. Certain rules keep us safe. Driving on the correct side of the road is more likely to lead to a good outcome than the alternative. In business, there are rules which work for us. Some, however, do not. Some rules reduce our capacity to be flexible and creative. Rigid, restrictive rules […]

In a coaching situation, we can expect the person being coached to experience discomfort. I was listening to a fellow networking group member mention his discomfort in getting up in front of the group and talking. Group members expressed surprise. After all, his business is teaching public speaking. In fact, he went on to point […]

Do you know your Type? Many people, even if they haven’t taken a Type questionnaire have heard of Myers-Briggs – the MBTI®. Unfortunately that’s often as far as it goes. ‘I’m an ESTJ or I’m an INFP,’ can be a conversation starter or a description of us with a full stop at the end. In […]

Following my post on how NOT to keep the customer happy (see: Keeping the Customer Happy – How Not To), I’m delighted to see the supermarket in question changed their tack to be a little more customer (and Staff) friendly. I’m not claiming any credit for the change, although I did send an email expressing […]

As a customer, I like to be kept happy. I’ve blogged previously (Only in America) about the experience in the amazing Wholefood Markets in Portland and Austin in the US. Great produce. Terrific atmosphere. A store policy to put others to shame. And service including calling a cab as a matter of course for an […]

I guess most of us have had moments driving our car when we have felt frustrated, annoyed, perhaps even angry and rageful because other cars seemed to be deliberately getting in our way. Perhaps we were running late for for an important meeting. It could simply be we were already upset by a disagreement with […]

Americans are some of our favourite people, aren’t they? Who couldn’t help loving them? They’re so doggone NICE. Occasionally, though, we Australians are less attracted to what some see as the ‘plastic’ niceness of some Americans, notably shop assistants and waiting staff. Is all that good humour really genuine? Whatever you might say about the […]

Achievements like Cadel Evans’ win in the Tour de France inspire both nationalistic fervour and hyperbole. It’s hardly surprising that this is so. Cycling almost three and a half thousand kilometres in three weeks is an extraordinary achievement. To complete such a journey and to win the event takes superb physical ability. To start with, […]

Clients often struggle to be effective in their businesses. ‘I know I should be more organised/work harder/be more creative/entrepreneurial… ‘ I hear these expressions of frustration frequently. If, like me you see business clients, you will have heard these too. So many of us can see how to be more successful in business, yet the […]

Archetypes, Psychological Type and the Selves.

I’m delighted to be running another Professional Training in the Voice Dialogue Method for Voice Dialogue Australia. Over 2 weekends you will be introduced to the theory and practice of Voice Dialogue. The Training is for professionals who wish to use Voice Dialogue primarily in a coaching or therapy context. Over 2 weekends you will be […]

The Early Bird rate for the Voice Dialogue Australia Introductory Training ends October 26. Over 2 weekends you will be introduced to the theory and practice of Voice Dialogue. The Training is for professionals who wish to use Voice Dialogue primarily in a coaching or therapy context. http://ow.ly/evlVr